Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / 2020 Collaboration Complete

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2020 comes to a close in just a few hours here in Wicklow, Ireland. And along with it, my collaboration with wonderful artist and human Adam Perry also concludes.

It has been such a rewarding and nourishing experience creating these Full Moon pieces throughout the year. I have really enjoyed collaborating with Adam both for his artistic talents and for the truly fantastic being that he is. I leave 2020 with a body of work I am proud of and a new friend that I am very grateful for.

Thank you to all who have listened/viewed and engaged with these pieces throughout the year. I hope they have brought some light each month and I hope you enjoy seeing them altogether in this video!

Wishing you all a peaceful transition into 2021, may the new year bring you all you could wish for and more.

Le grá, Laura

Honouring the Full Moons of 2020 from Laura LAIR on Vimeo.

Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 13

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The thirteenth and final piece in my series of Full Moon collaborations for 2020 with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 12

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The twelfth piece in my series of Full Moon collaborations for 2020 with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 11

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The eleventh piece, and second of two for October, in my series of Full Moon 2020 collaborations with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

Maternity Hospitals in Ireland / Open Letter to Stephen Donnelly

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My home country of Ireland has a long history- and present- of violating the rights of women across myriad metrics: from the Magdalene laundries to the low prosecutions in rape cases to the wage disparity that is still ongoing and on and on…

The current situation we all find ourselves in with the pandemic has already proven to be taking its toll most on the women of the world, again across many (very easily accessed by googling) metrics. This post is about a specific situation here that is both close to my heart as a woman and as a sister to a woman pregnant with twins due to give birth in the next ten days…

“the World Health Organisation states: ‘All women have the right to a safe and positive childbirth experience, whether or not they have a confirmed COVID-19 infection.’

You are still entitled to:

  • Respect and dignity
  • A companion of choice
  • Clear communication by maternity staff
  • Pain relief strategies
  • And mobility where possible and birth position of choice”

(Taken from )

Ireland is currently in violation of this, as can be seen by reading the stories on 

I have been infuriated reading the stories and also at the way my sister has not been allowed to have me with her during scans- a lot of which could have been bad news for her as she has had- and continues to have- a very challenging pregnancy with many issues throughout. I wrote a letter to our health minster Stephen Donnelly on October 1st and the only response I received was:

Dear Ms. Kilty,
The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly T.D.has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding maternity restrictions.
Yours sincerely,
Miriam Rooney.
Private Secretary to the Minister for Health

So now I am posting it here in the hopes that more people will be made aware of what is going on and perhaps feel moved to also write to him and perhaps he or our Taoiseach or our Tánaiste or our president or SOMEONE in our government will address this situation with an actual plan moving forward where the human rights of our pregnant women are honoured instead of the same old scéal we Irish women have been dealing with since time began…

Dear Mr. Donnelly

I would like to know when the horrific and inhumane policy of leaving women without their partners through scans, birth and the days that follow the birth will end? As you are I am sure aware, this goes against WHO’s recommendations and is viewed as a human right’s violation by them and from seeing the situation across Europe and how other countries are handling it, by all of them too.

I and a number of others have been tagging you in the ‘inourshoes’ instagram account highlighting stories from women going through the experience of giving birth- an always physically, mentally and emotionally taxing experience- now doing it alone. There are not enough midwives and nurses to give full support to these women, it is their partner that provides them with the needed personal care, and that’s without mentioning the husbands, wives, partners and birthing partners not getting to meet the baby for however long the mother and/or baby needs to be in hospital. 

As someone with children, I am sure you are aware of the importance of the partner being there for the new mother and if not, I’m sure your wife could tell you. And I am also sure you would feel distraught knowing your wife and/or baby was in distress and you were not there to help… I understand that these are unprecedented times but it seems there has been no thought whatsoever given to the mental health implications to any of the covid measures that have been brought in- mental health IS your health. And women’s health as always is put last- we have cervical checks on hold and women giving birth without their all important support system, not to mention those holding dying babies in their arms alone.

I have a vested interest in this as someone who is the birth partner for my sister- she is pregnant with twins, doing it on her own, and has had serious complications throughout her pregnancy. She NEEDS support in the days that will follow her c-section. It is just not possible for the hospital to give it to her as the nurses have all the mothers and babies born that day in their care. Is the government going to pay for the mental health support she and every other woman doing this may need after the experience? Or is this another case of it’s ‘only women’ so who bloody cares what they are going through? An attitude we have seen for FAR too long in this country… I am certain if it were men that gave birth, this would not even be a debate, and certainly Prof. Shane “appropriate and pragmatic” Higgins would have a more rounded view of what care is.

I understand it has been brought up in the Dáil and guidelines are apparently being put together by a Dr. Peter McKenna- WHY is it not a woman doctor, preferably one who has been through birth, perhaps one who has been through a tough birth, putting together the guidelines?? Perhaps then empathy wouldn’t be required, just compassion. And compassion is needed.

With that, I understand what a challenging job you find yourself in. And I need you to understand what a challenging job birth is for these women- please SUPPORT THEM. Please buck the trend of men making decisions that impact women in the harshest ways and stand up for women instead- not by doing what a group of men think is best for them but by LISTENING TO WOMEN AND DOING THAT INSTEAD. We know what is best for us. It is time for us to be heard and trusted with our own health- as we can see in the cervical check tragedy, it is PAST time for women to be heard.

With wishes for health for you and yours- please support the health of my sister and all other women going through pregnancy and birth.

Le meas, Laura 

Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 10

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The tenth piece, and first of two for October, in my series of Full Moon 2020 collaborations with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

Laura LAIR / Autumnal Equinox

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Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 9

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The ninth piece in my series of Full Moon collaborations for 2020 with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

Laura LAIR / Adam Perry / Collaboration Series / 8

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The eighth piece in my series of Full Moon collaborations for 2020 with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry

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Here is mine and Adam's Full Moon collaboration for Lúnasa. We haven't had a chance to speak to each other about what we felt reading-wise so I'm very much looking forward to hearing his experience. For me… 🌕 While writing the music, I communed with the Celtic god Lugh who, to me, feels more 'King' than deity- passionate and strong! I saw the sun setting behind hills, marking the end of a cycle. I felt his appearance indicated the ending of a cycle… 🌕 As always, Full Moon is a wonderful time to check in and acknowledge what is illuminated for you. This month bringing your focus to how you've been interacting with the collective can reveal worthwhile information to your conscious mind. Are you honouring *your* Truth? Are you placing *your* emotional world first? Are you following *your* path or the one that is deemed 'virtuous' by the group mind you are engaged with? 🌕 We are part of the collective and *we are individuals*, here to have our own individual experiences. 🌕 Being an individual in this current climate is incredibly challenging but you are here to live *your* life, no one else's. Allow your own unique way of being and expressing to come forward. Allow the cycle of following the hive mind come to an end and listen within to hear your Truth- sometimes your thoughts will align with others, sometimes they won't. And that is perfect. You don't owe anyone insight to your heart and soul. We do all owe it to ourselves to see, hear and accept our own souls. 🌕 Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Full Moon in Aquarius- it's an intense one, be kind to yourself and those around you! ♒🙏💚 . . . #FullMoon at 4.59pm in #Ireland 🌕 #Aquarius #AdamPerry @adamperryart #LauraLAIR #Art #Music #Reading #Communion #Consciousness #Lúnasa #August #Lugh . . . #Acceptance #Individual #EmbraceYourTruth #LetYourHeartGuideYou #RemoveTheNoise #Love #LetLoveGuide

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LAIR / Mix for Human Lessons

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I created a mix for the Berlin based label Human Lessons, run by Emika Elena