Laura Kilty is an Irish artist, singer, composer, producer.

She writes and performs many different styles of music under different monikers and is one half of noeverything with Eomac


She has a Masters in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin. Letum Tenebrae is the title of her final thesis project, a composition for six choirs and electronics in 6.1 surround sound which utilises ambisonics.

Following graduation, she lectured in composition and music technology to undergrads in Trinity while studying for a PhD in composition. She also set up a choir and strings ensemble called SoundSet with conductor Emma O’Halloran.

After almost four years of the PhD programme, she was feeling stifled, disenchanted and unsupported in the university environment. So she made the decision to leave the rules and politics of the academic music world behind. It was a hugely positive turning point for her on all levels and in all facets of her life.

She is now expressing her true voice and writes music she believes in and loves. She also works as a Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer and Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and runs retreats and workshops around the world.


Laura Kilty: https://soundcloud.com/laura-kilty

LAIR: https://soundcloud.com/lauralair

noeverything: https://soundcloud.com/noeverything and https://twitter.com/noeverythingiam

Resounding Power (conscious living site): https://resoundingpower.com/ 

How to contact Laura-

For music-related things: lauralairmusicATgmailDOTcom

For wellness-related things: resoundingpowerATgmailDOTcom

Follow on Instagram AT lauralairmusic

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