Laura Kilty

A mix of self-composed contemporary classical music, songs and covers from different styles and genres



Cover of the song Wings by Birdy



For choir and electronics. This is performed by a vocal group I put together and was running until I moved to Brooklyn in 2012



I write a lot of vocal music but LOVE to write for strings and electronics. Now, if I could only get it performed by real strings!!


NED for Eamon

This is a track I wrote for my dad a few years ago, Ned was my granddad’s nickname


Me and my dad. Clearly, I’ve always been a peace-loving hippy 🙂


For voice, Strings, Piano and Electronics. The name refers to ‘beauty’ in Elvish- because I am that nerdy! 🙂



I wrote this one a few years ago- some wonderful singers have performed it since but this is a recording of me singing it in around 2008


I sang this (Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan, covered by Adele and now by me!) for my sister’s wedding a few years ago

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