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I made a track called ‘Sound the Alarm’ for the Cities and Memory Protest and Politics project

You can also find it and all the other entries here:

The sound file I chose (Sound Number 34) to make a track from features people protesting Jeff Sessions and his racist agenda in the US.

The woman leading this ‘street theater’ demonstration speaks with passion and urgency, and I wanted to position her voice as the main element of my track.

My aim is to have the sense of alarm she conveys- the alarm I too feel in relation to the hateful rhetoric, unlawful behaviour and unconscionable agenda of Trump and the GOP- to be the driving force in my piece.

Watch The Hype / Tracks of the Day

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Published: June 7, 2017, words by John Carter

LAIR is an incredibly unique and exciting Irish talent. Readying the second EP on Eomac’s Eotrax, she takes the label in a vastly different direction to Eomac’s first release Temple Of The Jaguar. Stemming from a background in classical and traditional singing, Laura Kilty now has a diverse range of talents, classifying herself as a composer, producer, vocalist, artist, sound-healer and yoga teacher. She also has a well-being blog which you can check out here.

Residing under many aliases including LuminouSounds for healing music and noeverything (with Eomac), Laura Kilty creates a wide range of sounds that all have a common theme of depth, subtlety and emotion. As LAIR, she cites her work as having “elements of mysticism, sacred geometry, energy, sound with intention and just sounds I love formed to make music I love.” Having listened to her LAIR EP, in its intense, gripping and emotive range, we can certainly vouch for these elements.

LAIR is out on June 9th and features two stellar Rrose remixes (one only on digital). You can pre-order the EP on vinyl and digital. Ahead of this release, we invited LAIR to share with us four tracks that inspire various elements of social change.

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